Brain Healed

In the summer of '07 I visited my Sister Joan in Rochester, NY. While I spent about three to four days there, I discovered that my Sister had a strong interest in Usui Reiki healing. When I returned home to Syracuse, New York I went on the internet to search for local Reiki practitioners. Fortunately I found a Master teacher who lives in Syracuse and I contacted her for class-training schedules. Classes were available and I indicated that when I could put together enough money to cover the cost of training I would enroll.

It was Winter and I went to our outside mailbox for the daily mail and did a 180 flip and landed on the left half of my skull. I knew I was in deep trouble. I hesitated for a moment then got up on my feet and went into the apartment. I told my wife what happened, went into my bedroom where I fell and could not move. The paramedics were called and I ended up in nearby St Joseph's hospital. In a short time, I was diagnosed with massive bleeding in my brain and surgery was scheduled. The pressure somehow had to be relieved so two pie-shaped pieces were removed from my skull. As time elapsed, my family was told that I did not have much of a chance for survival, Just about this time the Master Reiki practitioner I had previously contacted found out about my distress and put in motion all her local students and practitioners on my behalf. After several weeks went by the Doctor still gave little hope for a full recovery. Then in the third week, I awoke and told the Nurse on duty that, "I'm hungry & thirsty". By the end of April, I left the Hospital and went into a recovery hospice where I received physical therapy and daily training to learn how to walk again. By the end of June '08, I was sent home and able to walk with a cane. It is now June '09 and I am back into a full life of activity and health. Thanks once again for Usui Reiki healing and the efforts of Dr. Mary Reposo, Syracuse, NY. By the way, I received my Reiki I attunement from Dr. Mary in February '09.