Holy Fire® Reiki Newsletter July 2016

by William Lee Rand

Holy Fire® Reiki is growing!
The practice of Holy Fire® Reiki is growing and we now have over 2700 Holy Fire® Reiki Masters in the world today! This is really phenomenal considering it has only been 2 ½ years since it was introduced. The improvements in the quality of the healing energy and in the benefits people experience are also a wonderful blessing. As an example, in a previous survey, 89% of those with Holy Fire® Reiki say they are more frequently having feelings of love, peace, joy, trust and safety which are of a higher quality than previously experienced. Others agree that after Holy Fire® Reiki, their Reiki businesses are more successful and that their clients really like Holy Fire® Reiki; they are reporting that long time problems are clearing up and they are experiencing deeper levels of healing. We are fortunate that the gift of Holy Fire® Reiki is now available and can be experienced by anyone who has a session or takes a class.

Holy Fire® II
This upgrade webinar, which was introduced at the end of 2015 is really having an impact on those who have taken the class. They report that with Holy Fire® II the energy is even more refined and effective and that it brings in new levels of conscious experience that are amazingly enjoyable. Rather than having to work at the healing process, it is more a matter of simply realizing that weaknesses and problems that used to be there are no longer present and have been replaced with a wonderful new level of confidence, clarity and happiness. And at the same time there is a feeling that your spiritual path and process of personal growth are being taken care of, making it easy to be in present time, enjoying the moment, knowing you are loved.

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Upgrade to Holy Fire® II
This upgrade webinar is still available as a recording. The recording is just as effective as the in person webinar and the cost is a very affordable at just $35.00. To read more about this, please click here .

Aura Clearing
We have decided to eliminate the Aura Clearing technique from our Usui/Holy Fire® ART and Usui/Holy Fire® II ART training  for those teaching Holy Fire® Reiki.  This is because in Holy Fire® Reiki, an important concept is that the more the practitioner stays out of the process, the more powerful it becomes and in Aura Clearing, because of the hand motions, intention and breathing, the practitioner’s energy is directly involved in the process. It has also been noted that Aura Clearing is felt to have a lower vibration than the other aspects of the Holy Fire® Reiki training. Aura Clearing has been a useful technique, but it is being superseded by the Holy Fire® Healing Experience which is more effective and is more in line with our Holy Fire® philosophy.  

Therefore, please stop teaching the Aura Clearing technique in your classes.  The new manuals based on this revision will be available soon, but you can stop teaching it now. Just explain to your students that because of the strong involvement of the practitioner, it is not a technique that is in alignment with the principles of Holy Fire® Reiki and we no longer practice it.  Explain that it is replaced with the Holy Fire® Healing Experience which is explained in the Holy Fire® Master manuals.

Limit to Class Size
In teaching Holy Fire® classes, we’ve realized that there is a limit to how many students you can successfully teach in one class. In the past, one of the limits to class size was the number of students you could attune at one time. This had to do with the fact that each student had to receive an attunement from the teacher and the larger the class, the longer it would take. This not only caused problems for the teacher who had to have enough energy to give attunements for a large group, but also required the students to sit for a longer period of time.

With Holy Fire Reiki®, the time it takes for the Ignition remains the same regardless of the size of the class so it seemed that there would be no limit to class size. However, it was found that beyond a certain number of students, the Holy Fire® energy isn’t able to be maintained and 2nd heaven energies can begin to enter the class and adversely affect the students.

This was experienced in one of my classes by some of the students; their negative energy would come up but not be released. This effected the student’s behavior and created unhealthy conditions in the classroom such as students arguing and not being happy with the class. After consulting with Jesus about this situation during sessions with Janice Jones, I was told that each teacher has a maximum class size that he or she can successfully teach. This number is unique for each teacher and he or she must meditate on this question and ask Jesus this question to discover what this maximum is. Once you know what it is, it is very important not to exceed this number. However, over time, it’s possible for this number to increase, but it’s very important not to allow your ego to guide you in this determination but from a state of humility, pray to Jesus and ask this question if you think your number may have increased. I know for me, my maximum has stayed the same for the past 2 years so it’s not something that changes quickly.

Clarity When Teaching Holy Fire® Classes
When teaching Holy Fire® II, it’s important to talk to your students about the Experiences, Placements and Ignitions and explain how they are done, how they work and the benefits over the previous attunement style.  This information is on page 81 of the Usui/Holy Fire® II ART/Master manual and on page 68 of the Holy Fire® II Karuna manual.  It is titled: Understanding Your Ignition Experience and applies to the Experiences, Placements and the Ignitions.  Please explain these important points to your students at the beginning of class.

  1. During the Ignition process, an upgrade takes place in the student’s spirit in which the student gives permission for the Holy Fire® energy to interact directly with their clients or students when giving sessions or teaching.  When teaching classes and introducing the Experiences, Placements or Ignitions, the energy and the experience does not flow through the teacher but goes directly to the student. This allows a much higher vibration of healing energy to flow to the student than what could be channeled through the teacher. Prior to Holy Fire® II, the interaction of the teacher’s energy with the student during the attunements actually acted to lower the vibration of the experience which is why we do not interact with the students during the Placements and Ignitions.  The teachers energy, while helpful on some level, is lower than what the student receives directly from the Holy Fire® and will actually interfere with what the Holy Fire® wants to give to the student.  Because of this, the Placements and Ignitions work best when the teacher doesn't intend or try to influence the experience in any way.
  2. One thing the teacher can do after she/he stops talking when giving Placements or Ignitions is to say a prayer surrendering the experience completely over to the Holy Fire®, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 
  3. The Holy Fire® will interact directly with the student during the Placement or Ignition and provide a unique experience that is more intimate and specific to the needs of the student than what the teacher could provide.
  4. Some students will see colors or have visions which are fine, but others will not see colors or have visions or have conscious inner experiences, but will simply feel calm and relaxed. Both of these experiences are normal and healthy. In either case, the Holy Fire® energy will be working on a deeper level of consciousness in which the conscious mind is bypassed and the energy is working directly on the core level. This is because if the conscious mind is involved in these important healing experiences, it could actually lower the vibration of the experience and reduce the effectiveness of the healing. 
  5. Because the most important levels of healing take place beyond the level of the student’s conscious mind, they act like seeds which are planted on a very deep level of the students psyche and which grow and unfold gradually. Because of this, the effects of the Placements and Ignitions develop slowly and it may not be till toward the end of class, when hands on work is done that the student begins to become aware of the effects of the Placement or Ignition, or it may not be till after class that the student really “gets” what the Holy Fire® energy is all about. 
  6. The greatest effects from the Placements and Ignitions often do not come till after class.  This is an experience that continues to develop over time and even after weeks or months will continue to develop.  

It might be difficult to let go of your interaction with your students during the Experiences, Placements and Ignitions, but it is necessary if you want to move forward as a teacher and provide the greatest benefits for them.  The more you focus on moving back from the process and not being connected to it, the more the results will improve. Holy Fire® energy is very soft and subtle, but very powerful and effective.  The most impressive thing is that the energy has such a profound effect on the students that they often cannot put what they are experiencing into words.  But toward the end of class and especially after class, you will continue to get comments from your students thanking you for the wonderful new energy they now have.

I hope you have enjoyed this first Holy Fire® Reiki newsletter. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments or Reiki stories to share with other by replying to williamreiki@gmail.com

Wishing you and your clients and students a wonderful Reiki day.


William Lee Rand

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