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A Catholic Values Reiki

Hello everyone,

I am a practicing Catholic and have felt the need to heal and to change people's lives for the better for a very long time, in fact most of my life if I stop to think about it.

career choice is that I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and in that regard have helped people get their bodies and minds into shape and have loved each and every experience. But I felt the calling to do more.

Through a chain of events, I was drawn to my Reiki Master who trained and attuned me. I must say that although I experienced my gift of Reiki II only two weeks ago, with her love and guidance, I have spread the word of the healing of Reiki to each person I see. Most, if not all, have heard of Reiki but had never experienced it first hand. I feel honored that I can do this with them.

feelings that go with giving Reiki are indeed hard to explain, but my soul is soaring. I have been practicing Reiki each day for various people and am so grateful that they are being healed through the Divine Light of Reiki.

As far as my belief system goes, I attended church the next day after my attunements. The entire spiritual experience of the Mass was 10 fold over what it was only the week before. I was awestruck at this and thank the Almighty as well as the Reiki guides for leading me to this wonderful point where my life seems to finally be coming together. The faces and the spirits of the people I have touched through the Reiki healing experience is something that I cannot explain, but I have strived for my entire life. The result is just the way that it is to be. I feel a closeness with God that I thought I had before, but that feeliing was not even close to my experience since I have been given this opportunity to help people.

If someone of the Catholic faith choses not to accept Reiki, that is his/her choice. But for me, I feel that I am doing God's work at a time when a greater sense of the spirit is needed to balance all the technology. Reiki seems to be the guiding light in this time of our existence, and I consider myself fortunate that I am able to be a small part of it. Thank you.