The Birth of World Peace Reiki

by William Lee Rand

I first learned Reiki on the Big Island at a rebirthing workshop taught by Leonard Orr. The workshop was one week long and was attended by 40 or 50 people, some of whom had backgrounds in a variety of metaphysical and spiritual practices. It was a lot of fun and interesting to be with such a menagerie of people who varied in age from their 20s to 60s, some of which were vagabond hippie types who had spent time in ashrams in India and Thailand or had lived in the remote Waipio or Kalalau valleys in Hawaii. I became good friends with some of them, but friends like that tend to move around, and after a while, I lost track of most of them. That was over forty years ago. To reflect over such a long period of time and realize the richness and value various people and events have added to your life is something that can’t really be fully explained to others; it simply resides within you as a part of who you have become. 

Leonard understood and respected the backgrounds of many of the participants and invited some of them to speak to the group about their areas of expertise. One of these participants was Bethel Phaigh, who was at the upper end of the group’s age range. Her confidence and manner of speaking added a certain gravitas to her presence. She explained she was a Reiki Master and gave a brief talk about Reiki, including that Reiki is a healing method in which one does not use their energy but channels the Reiki energy from an unlimited supply. And even more interesting to me was that she said one does not learn Reiki in the usual way of learning something, but receives the ability from a Reiki attunement. Both ideas impressed me, but I also wondered if they were true. The Rosicrucians stated that rather than simply believing what someone says or what is written in a book, if one wanted to learn about metaphysics, one must learn from experience.

So, I wondered how I could learn about Reiki from experience. Then the next day, Bethel announced she had spoken to Leonard and found that there would be enough free time during the rebirthing workshop for her to teach a Reiki workshop and asked who would be interested. So, naturally, I raised my hand and attended the class. Then, after the attunement, I walked alone on one of the paths. As the sunlight shone through the trees, the Reiki energy spoke to me and clearly stated: “This energy can be developed.”

This message was an important one, as the way Reiki was being taught at that time did not include this idea. And in fact, it was stated that the only way one’s Reiki energy could become stronger was by taking the next level of Reiki training. But since the energy told me it could be developed, I accepted this as a mandate and, since that time, have consistently followed the guidance that I continued to receive from the Reiki energy in exploring this potential.

The nature of Reiki energy is that it can adapt itself to our needs; if we accept its help, it can foresee our future and prepare us to meet the challenge of new events, so we’ll be ready to deal with them as they arise. This happened with the pandemic. Months before it became a serious issue, the Holy Fire® Reiki energy we use was developing new, higher frequencies of light in our energy fields, so when the lockdown occurred in March 2020, and we could no longer teach Reiki classes in person, Colleen Benelli and myself could immediately teach effectively online. Before this need arose, I did not think of online Reiki as something I would be embracing; I did not consider it as effective as teaching in person.

However, we could continue teaching unabated with the energetic upgrade we received, which took place unbeknown to us over many months, and with a final Ignition given to us in a session channeled to us through the Brothers and Sisters of the Light. (1)

This new system was designed so that through the enhanced Ignition system, it could pass on the ability to teach online to anyone who took the Master class. Many of those who initially took this class from us were already experienced Reiki Masters. Their opinion of the online Reiki energy was that it was even stronger than that received in their previous classes taken in person! Of course, this was very exciting and saved our practice of Reiki, allowing it to continue to be taught when the COVID-19 pandemic had just started, and the healing and uplifting energy of Reiki was needed even more than ever.

If anyone is wondering about the validity of teaching remote Reiki classes, it is important to note that Mrs. Takata, one founder of Western Reiki, taught remote Reiki classes. In a Reiki book that included some of her handwritten letters, she explained how she could teach via telephone and with letters, and through remote initiations, and stated that she only did this when it seemed absolutely necessary, such as when the recipient was in a hospital or far away and in obvious need.(2)

In addition, class notes from one of Usui Sensei’s students, which Hiroshi Doi Sensei, a Japanese Reiki Master discovered, show that Usui Sensei stated, “The most important thing for a Reiki practitioner to do is to continually seek to improve the quality and quantity of the Reiki energy they are able to channel.” These two examples from the founders indicate that developing the Reiki energy one can channel, and teaching remotely, when necessary, are part of the tradition of Usui Reiki.

Events sometimes take place in the world that challenge our experience of peace.  When these events happen, it is important to remember to send Reiki to them. When doing so, your Reiki energy will work better if you do not focus on any particular outcome, but simply allow the healing wisdom of Reiki to guide itself. And of course, when giving Reiki in this way, it is better for the practitioner to focus on the loving, healing energy of Reiki as it flows through. Doing this will bless the practitioner with feelings of peace that will continue to be present long after the session is over. In addition, it is important to talk with your family and friends to see how they are feeling about the world and their place in it and offer them Reiki to help them deal with any fear or anxiety they may be feeling. Reiki is a powerful tool that can rise up to meet the needs of any challenge you may experience or that takes place in the world. It is important when using Reiki for this purpose to be grateful for this wonderful gift, as gratitude will open the door to health, happiness, and well-being in your life even wider.

World Peace Reiki

The Reiki consciousness, working through the Authentic Self, foresaw this dilemma and recently revealed a higher expression of its healing potential. This wonderful energy is not only able to heal the anxiety and fear many people are feeling now, but also contains the energy to actively manifest a new level of peace in the world.

It is strong and potent. And while it respects free will, it openly makes itself known as a gift each person can choose to receive. Its value is so tangible and enticing that most people are likely to accept it. 

It is able to maintain peace within an individual, independent of what is happening around the person or in the world. It more completely unifies your divine consciousness with your human consciousness and connects you more deeply with the Spirit of the Earth. It also contains the power to guide you in how you live your life and to manifest opportunities to solve problems and create a life of greater peace and purpose for you. Once awakened in an individual, it continues to develop in noticeable ways.  And in fact, upon close examination, it may be the beginning of An-shin Ritsu-mei, the special state of consciousness given to Usui Sensei on Kurama Yama prior to receiving the gift of Reiki. This moment is a turning point in the world's history in which this higher level of peace consciousness is manifesting. 

This new expression of Reiki energy began to make itself known to me on March 4, 2022. In a session with Colleen Benelli, I perceived the potential of Holy Fire® Reiki to manifest within each practitioner as an Oasis of Calm and Peace. Then, a week later I became aware that this energy would actually be coming very soon as I taught Reiki classes; we also became aware of the concept of Reiki Healers Empowered for Peace.  Then, I taught Reiki I & II, Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki® classes in a row a few days later. There wasn’t much effect from the new Reiki energy in the first class as it was still being conceived on higher dimensions. Then in the Reiki Master class, it began to manifest somewhat until finally, it came more completely into expression in the Karuna class. And it continues to adjust and develop itself in new and powerful ways!

This energy is provided for individual healing in a new Holy Fire® Experience called Empowered by the River of Peace. This Experience is similar to the Empowered by the River of Life Experience but upgraded to embody the World Peace energy. The ability to teach this class is given in the Master classes during the last of the four Ignitions—the World Peace Ignition.  

It has been noted by some that the transformation that takes place when this new energy is awakened can also create a healing process in which a student may feel somewhat out of sorts for a few days as previous concepts and energies are released and the new more beneficial energies become established. If you notice something like this happening, be aware that this is a sign that an important healing process is taking place and that your life is changing for the better.

The World Peace energy also works directly with the World Peace Reiki grids that have been placed at the North and South Poles, at the Reiki centers in Southfield, Michigan and Hana, Hawaii, in Jerusalem and in the main temple on Kurama Yama Japan.    

While this new energy will work directly with any specific event or situation, it will continue beyond this to establish a greater level of peace for the future of the entire world.

May the love and healing power of Reiki bless you, your family, and every living thing on our beautiful planet.

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.


1 The Brothers and Sisters of the Light are the founders of all the world’s religions and spiritual paths who have joined on higher planes of consciousness to assist those on Earth in moving forward on their spiritual paths.

2 Robert N. Fueston, The History and System of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho (Wisconsin: Lotus Press, 2017), 298.