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The True History of Reiki

A Research Project

We are collecting information on the history of Reiki. Most Reiki students are aware of the story of Reiki as told by Mrs. Takata. However, very little of this version of the Reiki story is documented. There are many stories that are circulated about Reiki, but with little evidence to back them up.

We have created a file to keep track of the research people have done and are doing into the history of Reiki and its connection to other systems. We are looking for documented research that includes written records. We are also looking for any connection Reiki might have with other systems of healing, meditation or other religious practices. This includes the use of the Reiki symbols by others prior to their use by Dr. Usui. If you have this kind of information and would like to share it with others please send it to us. After we have accumulated enough meaningful facts we will be publishing a booklet to be distributed to all those who have contributed. We will also be placing the information in the Reiki News and at this web site.

We plan to update this information as more is accumulated. In this way, the facts, theories and ideas we circulate will inspire and help those involved in the search for the true origins of Reiki. One possible outcome of this is that a more meaningful and beneficial form of Reiki could be discovered/developed.

The True History of Reiki Explained

William has done extensive research on the history of Reiki including making a trip to Japan. He has visited Dr. Usui's grave and his memorial stone as well as gone to Mt. Kurama where Reiki was rediscovered. From this and other new information coming from non-western Reiki masters who are still practicing in Japan, we now have a much more detailed understanding of how Reiki was discovered and how it was practiced by Dr. Usui. Some of this new verified information includes:

  • The Reiki organization that Dr. Usui started is alive and well in Japan.
  • There never was a Grandmaster or lineage bearer.
  • Dr. Hayashi was never in charge of the Usui System, nor was Mrs. Takata nor is any westerner.
  • High fees and money were never a part of how Dr. Usui practiced.
  • The location of Dr. Usui's grave and the Usui memorial.
  • Pictures from Mt. Kurama and the Usui memorial.

    The revised and expanded book, Reiki, The Healing Touch, contains a detailed and verified account of how Dr. Usui discovered Reiki, how he practiced it. Extensive endnotes indicate where the important facts have come from.

    Thanks to the research of Frank Arjava Petter, author of the new Reiki book, "Reiki Fire" we now have a clearer understanding of the history of Reiki. Here is an article he wrote titled " Reiki, Who is in Charge."

    Since Reiki has come to the West, many practitioners have drawn parallels between the healing practices of Christianity and Reiki. This is but one issue in need of historical and metaphysical research. For more on the topic of Christ and healing, see this article by William Rand, "Was Jesus a Reiki Master?"

    Carell Ann Farmer was the fourth master to be initiated by Phyllis Furumoto. She was present at the first master meeting in 1982 and at the meeting that formed the Reiki Alliance in 1983. She has some very interesting things to say about what happened that pertain directly to the trademark issue and the validity of the Grandmaster title.

    Click here to go the the letter: Origin of Grandmaster Title

    Some interesting articles resulting from a recent trip to Japan:

    Discovering the Roots of Reiki
    The Usui Memorial

    The above painting of St. Raphael is by Reiki Master Dr. Constance Johnson, a theological librarian and lawyer of wide experience. To see a description of, and larger version of, the above painting, follow this link: St. Raphael

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