The International Center for Reiki Training
Student List

This is the database of all those who have taken classes from the ICRT through one of our Center Licensed Teachers. To view a specific student, click on the letter of their last name and all those with last names starting with that letter will appear and you'll be able to scroll through them. While we have endeavored to make the list as accurate as possible, there are some omissions which we are in the process of correcting.
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Student Class Date Teacher Karuna Reg #
x, X Karuna Master 8/29/2013 William Rand KR# 86161
Xanthos, Grace Karuna Master 11/14/2004 Laurelle Gaia KR# 83959
Xavier, Biani Reiki I & II 1/25/2015 Tracy M. Houchins  
Xu, Lei Sherry Reiki I & II 6/26/2016 Chellie Kammermeyer  
Xuan, Jun Reiki I & II 11/12/2017 William Rand  
Xue, Li Reiki I & II 6/4/2017 Lisa StarAhna