Crystalin DNA Activated

Hello, I recently have taken the Reiki I & II classes and experienced a spiritual shift in myself for which I was yearning. I learned a lot about not only Reiki but also spirituality and myself. I also learned to meditate and how to try and let the meditation take me on a journey not preconceived by myself.

I felt as if I sprouted wings of light and was able to see my halo. I felt as if I had always had these wings and a halo. After the Level II attunements, I felt as if I was able to use my wings to help guide me as I inscribed the symbols on the person’s aura with the tip feather of my wing. I was able to let people know things and realize things as I got better and better at this art.

When the Reiki Master said there was a message just at the beginning of the session and it was, "Your crystalline DNA activation has started," and during the session, I felt myself giving Reiki to her as she passed along around me. I tried to stop but, for some reason, I felt as if it was for her to heal me or awaken me, and I had to send her power to do so. After the treatment, she said, "Your crystalline DNA is now active," and she said she never really knew what it was but had heard about it somewhere and said I should look it up.

Wh then did a group Reiki session where myself and two others did Reiki upon the Reiki Master. Afterward, she said she got a message, and it was, "Remember the ascended master that you are," and said that my hands and touch were like fire.

Not sure what it all means but, it sparked a new drive to follow this calling or path I have always felt destined to follow. I was shocked that I was aware of the energy coming into me and that during a session, I could imagine and sprout my spiritual wings of light and use them to flap cosmic divine dust into the lungs of my patient. Either way, I had a wonderful experience and can't wait to see where this consciousness takes me. I feel as if I am an angel now.