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Section 1: Articles By Reiki Doctors and Nurses

Reiki for the Recovering Alcoholic & Addict; Burkert, Lynette, The Reiki News.

Reiki and the Conventional Health Care Provider - Recommendations and Potholes, Chan, Phillilp, MD, The Reiki News

Leading with Reiki, Following with words - Reiki and Psychotherapy; Curtin, Richard, PsyD & Prebluda, Judith, MA, The Reiki News

Reiki and Nursing; Lipinski,Kathie, RN,MSN. The Reiki News

More On . . . Reiki and Nursing; Lipinski,Kathie, RN,MSN. The Reiki News

A Doctor Uses Reiki; Paty, R.B., MD, The Reiki News

Reiki Therapy: A Tool for Wellness; Rivera,Christina RN, IMPRINT, Feb 1999, pp 31-35

Reiki, Skepticism and Success, a Nurse's Story; Rossignol, Denise RN, The Reiki New


Section 2: Articles About Reiki In Hospitals

Reiki in Hospitals; Rand,.William, The Reiki News

The first Reiki practioner in our OR; Sawyer, Jeanette RN CNOR, AORN Journal, Mar 1998, Vol 67 No 3 pp674-67


Section 3: Reiki Scientific Studies

Autonomic Nervous-System-Changes During Reiki Treatment: A Preliminary Study. Published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Volume 10, Number 6. This study revealed a significant reduction in diastolic blood pressure and heart rate in the Reiki group that didn’t appear in the placebo group or the control group, thus tending to indicate that Reiki created an important effect that was not caused by suggestion. This was a small study, but the quality of its design and the positive results it produced indicates that additional larger scale studies are warranted.

Reiki: Esoteric therapy or quantum interaction?; Barberis, Luca MD, June 1996

Reiki healing: No matter nor energy. Just being; Barberis, Luca MD, Nov 1998

Reiki: Effects of Reiki on pain and selected affective and personality variables of chronically ill patients, Dressen, Linda J., Singg, Sangeeta, Subtle Energies 1998. A review of this study appears in Spiritual Healing, Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution, by Daniel Benor, M.D.

Reiki: Reiki plus natural healing: an ethnographic/experimental study, Marilyn J. Schlitz and William G. Braud, (Psi Research, 1985; Research in Parapsychology 1985, 1986). A review of this study appears in Spiritual Healing, Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution, by Daniel Benor, M.D.

Biological Correlates of Reiki Touch Healing, Wardell D.W.;Engebretson J, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 33, Number 4, February 2001, pp. 439-445(7)

Reiki MS Study

Section 4: Bibliography - Articles Pending Copyright Approval

The efficacy of Reiki hands-on healing: improvements in spleen and nervous system function as quantified by electrodermal screening; Brewitt, B., Vittletoe, T., Alternative Therapies 1997 July; Vol 3 No 4.

Reiki: A complementary therapy for life; Bullock, Marlene RN BSN, American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care, Jan 1997, Vol 14(1) pp 31-32

One Nurse's evolution as healer; Quinn, Janet RN MA, American Journal of Nursing, Apr 1979 662-665

Reiki-Plus natural healing: an ethnographic experimental study, Schlitz, M., Braud, w., PSI Research 1985 Sept/Dec 4(3-4) 100-123.

A study of Reiki, an energy field treatment, using Rogers' Science, Thorton, L., Vol VIII No 3.

A randomized double-blind study of the effect of distant healing in a population with advanced AIDS; Sicher, F., Targ, E., The Western Journal of Medicine, Dec 1998 Vol 169 No 6 pp356-363

Reiki Research Study; Aliwalas, Emma MD, Youmans, Donna CMI

Trends in Alternative Medicine in the United States, 1990-1997; Eisenberg, David MD, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998 Vol 280 pp 1569-1575

Reiki energy seen in dentistry, Nassen, Don DDS.

A contemporary view of alternative healing modalities, Engebretson, Joan DPH RN. Nurse Practitioner Sep 1993 Vol 18 No 9 pp51-55

Reiki: an ancient touch therapy; VanSell, Sharon RN EdD, RN Feb 1996 pp57-59

Using Reiki to support surgical patients; Alandydy, Patricia BSN RN, Journal of Nursing Care Quality 1999 Vol 13(4) pp89-91

Hands-on healing; Bower, Peter MD. Patient Care, Dec 1997

Using Reiki to manage pain; a preliminary report; Olson K. Cancer Prevention and Control 1997 Jun;1(2) 108-13 (20 ref)

The effect of complementary healing therapy on postoperative pain after surgical removal of impacted third molar teeth; Wirth DP. Complemenary Therapies in Medicine 1993 Jul; 1(3) 133-8 (38 ref)

Theraputic Touch: investigation of a practitioiner; Glickman R. Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine 1998 Spring-Summer; 2(1): 43-7 (25 ref)

Reiki: bridging traditional and complementary healing techniques; Behar M. OT Practice 1997 Feb; 2(2) 22-3 (3 ref)

Health Care and consumer choice: medical and alternative therapies; Kelner M.

Social Science and Medicine 1997 Jul; 45(2) 203-12 (30 ref)

Comparison of Nurses and alternative healers; Engebretson J. Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship 1996 Summer; 28(2) 95-9 (14 ref)

Reiki therapy. Whitsitt T. Journal of Christian Nursing vol 15 #1 (1998 Winter): 12-3

Who seeks alternative health care? A profile of the users of five modes of treatment. Kelner M; Journal of alternative and complementary Medicine vol 3, no 2 (1997 Summer) 127-40

Hypnosis and Reiki, Rosentiel L. Journal of Hypnotism 1991 Dec; 8-10

"Skeptical" nurse finds wellness with Reiki; Olstinski M. Nursingmatters 1997 Jul; 8(7):13

Reiki - the gift of love, healing and wholeness; Retzlaff N. Nursingmatters 1998 Feb: 9(2): 14-5


Section 5: Bibliography - Articles Denied Web Posting Approval

Reiki Healing: A Physiologic Perspective; Wetzel, Wendy, Journal of Holistic Nursing, Vol 7(1) pp 47-54

Unconventional medicine in the United States - prevalence, costs, and patterns of use; Eisenberg, David MD, New England Journal of Medicine 1993 Vol 328 pp 246-252


Section 6: Masters Degree Thesis Abstacts

Nurse Practitioners' views and knowledge of herbal medicine and alternative healing methods; Bacon, Mary, University of Lowell 1997. MAI 35/04 p996 Aug 1997 44 pages

Complementary energetic practices: an exploration into the world of Maine women healers; Markides, Emily, University of Maine, 1996 DAI-A57/04 p1509 Oct 1996 292 pages

Effects of Energetic healing on female nursing students; Thornton, Lucia, California State University at Fresno, 1991 MAI 31/01 p284, Spring 1993

Reiki: The use of Reiki therapy in the treatment of pain in rheumatoid arthritis (master's thesis, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, 1996) A review of this study appears in Spiritual Healing, Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution, by Daniel Benor, M.D.


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