Introduction to Holy Fire® III Reiki Part II

by William Lee Rand

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Part I of this article appeared in the Winter, 2018 issue of Reiki News Magazine and a longer version that includes information on the sixth and seventh heavens is available as a free download from our website home page. The first part described the history of Holy Fire® Reiki, the new concepts given to us to explain the energy of Holy Fire® III and the levels of healing that can take place. The main ideas include the Authentic Self, the Culturally-Created Self, the origin of the unhealed dormant parts of our self, and the healing that can occur in the first through seventh heavens through Holy Fire® III. This article contains additional information about the ego and the role it plays in spiritual development, including the expansion and use of one's healing abilities and the enjoyment of higher states of consciousness. It also discusses the heavens beyond the seventh and what limits people from becoming aware of and utilizing their Authentic Self.

The heavens are levels of consciousness which provide us with special energies enabling us to live a full and balanced life. And while we use the word heavens, we are not referring to a religious concept, but to the various levels of consciousness in which life energies express. Life energy exists in ever higher levels of refinement and can provide valuable experiences including feelings of joy, enthusiasm, appreciation, compassion, creativity, accomplishment, peace, courage, hope and more! These higher levels of consciousness are also the home of the intellect as well as our connection with divine love and is also where awareness of our life purpose resides.

As Part I mentions, the seventh heaven provides the energies needed to heal the ego. The ego is the part of ourselves associated with our identity and sense of self. It is who we know ourselves to be. The ego makes use of inner resources such as memory as well as feelings and emotions, all of which play an important role in the learning process. It also uses logic and intuition and through the physical senses, gains awareness of the outer world. Also, and most importantly, the inner senses make possible the awareness of higher states of consciousness and other resources that can be used to shape our lives.

Our understanding of the ego is affected by the beliefs we have about it which often come from society. If we believe as society often indicates, that the ego can be a problem and is to be ignored, then this affects how we perceive the ego. This concept is also part of the information expressed in much of the literature about spiritual development in which it is similarly said that the ego is what we must eliminate, or otherwise, it must be set aside if we are to progress on the spiritual path.

If we believe the ego is a problem and is what is holding us back on our spiritual path, then this is how we relate to the ego. And when we do this, it is difficult to understand and make use of the value the ego provides for our lives and for our ability to evolve and connect with higher levels of consciousness.

But what society and the spiritual community are focused on, as portrayed above, is not the ego in its entirety, but the unhealed ego. It is the unhealed ego which produces unhealthy tendencies about which people are concerned. And as was previously mentioned, it is important to remember that the unhealed ego can heal!

This ability for the ego to heal is an important concept that is often overlooked. Yet, the healing energies needed to do this are available. And in fact, the healing energy of Holy Fire® III can assist in this process. And once the ego begins to heal, the positive qualities of the ego begin to be revealed. As this takes place, it allows us to make use of the wonderful qualities and potentials the ego possesses.

One of the marvelous things that have been revealed to us is that the ego’s true purpose is to be an expression of our divine nature on earth and to help us accomplish our spiritual purpose. The ego also has access to healing abilities and higher states of consciousness. But to experience these wonderful gifts, we must let go of any negative ideas we may have about the ego; as we do this, the beauty and wonder that resides within the ego will be revealed. The energy of Holy Fire® III can help us do this by healing the ego and creating a stronger connection to our Authentic Self.

All heavens are within the physical body now, and their purpose is to express through the physical body here on earth. Some awareness of the resources in each heaven exists in most people, but the potential that resides in each level is much greater than that of what most are aware. Holy Fire® III increases our awareness of these levels of consciousness and quickens our ability to make use of their resources. This awareness is part of a developmental process that unfolds over time and is different for each person. Also, the speed at which the revelation of the heavens takes place can also change as time goes by, speeding up during times of healing and personal development, and slowing down during periods of stability. However, the increased awareness and development that one experiences will remain available and be added to additional improvements as they come along.

In part I of this article, the first seven heavens are explained. The following is a description of the additional heavens of which we are aware.

Eighth Heaven
It is on this level that we begin to appreciate more deeply the fact that we are self-aware and that this is a tremendous gift. Gratitude for this gift develops, opening one’s awareness more fully and preparing us for the ninth heaven. As this happens, restrictions we have unknowingly placed on ourselves become known to us as illusions and fly away, disappearing into nothingness. Holy Fire® III empowers this process, opening a clear space all around us in which we experience a lightness of being.

Ninth Heaven
This level is where a person begins to be aware of their human/divine nature. It becomes clearly understood and experienced that the physical body is the spiritual home of our divine consciousness. This process is a unification in which what once seemed separate becomes lovingly compatible and harmoniously joined together. This merging results in a feeling that all is right within oneself and within everything around you.

Tenth Heaven
This level is a continuation and development of the previous level in which you realize more completely that your divine nature is part of your human nature. The human and divine natures become more aware of each other and begin working together in greater harmony. This awareness results in one’s life energy becoming guided more directly by divine consciousness.

Eleventh Heaven
On this level, the awareness of essential skills and abilities that are needed to fulfill one’s life purpose begin to be understood. This realization leads to one being motivated to acquire and develop these personal resources.

Twelfth Heaven
It is from this level of consciousness that people gain an understanding of their purpose on earth. It is also the level in which an individual decides what type of consciousness and kinds of personal energy and knowledge they will need on their earthly path. At this stage of unfoldment, our divine consciousness becomes more fully embodied and begins to manifest the fulfillment of our life purpose. It does this by opening a pathway into the future in which any obstacles that may have blocked our journey are healed and released creating feelings of trust and confidence and a knowing that one will be successful.

As one proceeds along this path, any feelings that have previously caused worry and concern, and a state of vigilance in preparation to ward off opposition to one’s life, are transformed into a state of heightened perception. In this state, there is awareness of the heavens, and knowledge within one's core, that the forces of the universe are rising up to support and fulfill one's reason for being. This allows one to relax and feel safe.

This introduction provides basic information about Holy Fire® III. As time goes by and with so many people making greater use of the Holy Fire® energy, it is certain that new revelations will be appearing to us. I’ll be sharing this information as it comes along. (1)

May Reiki bless you with joy and beauty as it guides you into a life of fulfillment.

1 It is important to state that in explaining the attributes of Holy Fire® Reiki, I am not saying that it is the only viable form of Reiki or that everyone should practice Holy Fire® Reiki. What I suggest is that if you find the information in this article helpful, take a moment to meditate on Holy Fire® Reiki and ask your inner self if this is a form of Reiki that would be beneficial for you to study. Then follow your inner guidance.

Holy Fire® III Upgrade Webinar Recording

Download a pdf version of this article

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