Are Distant Attunements Effective?

Some people have been doing distant Reiki attunements to initiate students into the use of Reiki and have asked me for more information on this subject. I am referring to giving people the ability to use Reiki by using a distant attunement. This also includes receiving an attunement from a book, from a DVD, or over the Internet. As I said in the past, it is my recommendation that distant Reiki attunements for initiation should only be considered an experimental process. While some who have received distant attunements report receiving benefit from the experience, a distant attunement is not a reliable way to receive the ability to do Reiki. Distant attunements do not provide the complete benefit that one is meant to receive by being initiated into the system of Reiki healing.
This information is based on several considerations including: clairvoyant observation by skilled sensitives, on interviews with those who have received distant attunements and compared them with attunements received in person and also based on the opinion of some of the most experienced and respected Reiki teachers from around the world.
Clairvoyant observation indicates that while some affect takes place from a distant Reiki initiation attunement; there are aspects of an attunement that can only be transmitted by being in the physical presence of the teacher and by the teacher physically touching the hands, the neck and head etc of the student. The physical touch transmits important energy that fully establishes the ability to do Reiki in the student. In addition, other important frequencies are left out of distant attunements and what the Reiki student receives is not the same as what is intended for those who practice Reiki.
Remember that the founders of Reiki, namely Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Mrs. Takata did not give distant attunements and neither does the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in Japan. Furthermore, I have discussed this idea with the most reputable and experienced Reiki masters from around the world and all agree that distant attunements should not take the place of an attunement given in person. Because of this, I recommend that those wanting to receive Reiki initiation do so by taking a class in person from a reputable Reiki teacher.