Reiki, COVID-19, and Vaccination

by William Lee Rand

COVID-19, which is also called the “2019 novel coronavirus,” came on quickly at the end of that year. Starting in China, it spread worldwide and has become one of the most serious illnesses the world has faced in recent history. One reason the coronavirus has been such a big problem is that over half of the infections were spread to others through people who had it but, at first, didn’t know it because they didn’t have symptoms. Because of this, they interacted freely with others and spread the disease. Even so, in the beginning, in the US, only people who had symptoms were being tested. In fact, it would have been much better if everyone had been tested, as, in countries where most people were tested, the coronavirus infection rate was significantly lower.

At the time of this writing, in the US, there have been over 30 million cases of COVID-19 and over half a million deaths which have occurred in about a year; this is by far the largest number of COVID-19 related deaths of any country in the world. For example, India has the second-highest death rate, with 198,000 deaths, and yet, India has four times the population as the US! To gain perspective on this US statistic, auto accidents killed 42,060 people in the US last year. Think about how serious we consider this problem to be and all the things we do to prevent this from happening, such as driver’s education, stop signs, traffic lights, seat belts, and so forth.

One reason the death rate for COVID-19 is so high in the US is the role of comorbidities. People in the US are not the healthiest. According to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, the US ranked 35th. Because of this, many who died had comorbidities; they had one or more other serious medical conditions in addition to COVID-19. Due to these and other situations previously mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic is considered one of US history’s greatest disasters.

What the US did right was to develop quickly a number of vaccines that work. These vaccines, including Moderna, and Pfizer are based on a new medical concept. The first vaccines developed in the 19th and 20th centuries were based on the method of infecting a person with a small amount of the virus or germ that causes the disease or infecting a person with weakened or dead viruses or germs. Then the person’s immune system would develop the antibodies needed to stop the illness. And because only an exceedingly small amount of the pathogen was used, the patient would not die from the illness but would get only slightly sick. Then after this, the person’s immune system remembers what it did to stop the illness and will be ready to quickly create the antibodies needed to kill the pathogen if it should ever invade the person’s body in the future.

The process that was used to create the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines is far more advanced. In this method, a molecule called mRNA is injected into the body as a vaccine. This molecule acts as a messenger to tell the body’s immune system how to create the antibodies needed to kill the coronavirus. Once the immune system learns to do this, it will quickly respond if the COVID-19 viruses enter the person’s body in the future by eliminating them, thus preventing the person from getting sick.

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