Distant Attunements

by William Lee Rand

Some people have been doing distant Reiki attunements to initiate students into the use of Reiki and have asked me for more information on this subject. In this article I am writing about giving people the ability to use Reiki by using a distant attunement. This is different than doing the Healing Attunement which is only for healing. This article also pertains to receiving attunements from a DVD or online.

Actually, I was one of the first to introduce the idea of distant attunements and included it in my Reiki master manual as far back as 1991. However, I didn't intend for distant attunements to take the place of attunements done in person. My experience in working with others for over 20 years and in talking to those who have experienced distant attunements is that distant attunements can have some limited value under certain conditions and also can be used in an emergency or for unusual circumstances, but that for several reasons, they do not appear to be of equal value to attunements and training received in person.

I have several reasons for being cautious about the use of distant attunements or those received from a DVD or over the Internet. As stated above, I have communicated with many students who have done this. Most of those who received their first attunement at a distance and then went on to take Reiki training in person and receive the attunement in person have reported that while they did feel something from the distant attunement, or the DVD or online attunement, the attunement in person was much stronger and effective and that their Reiki was also much more effective after receiving the attunement in person. I have also consulted with very sensitive clairvoyants, and with my guides, and received a similar understanding about it. Also, I've talked this over with other well known and experienced Reiki teachers and received a similar understanding from them. It is also important to be aware of the fact that none of the original founders and developers of the Reiki system of healing used distant attunements. This includes Usui, Hayashi and Takata. So, after all this and giving the topic careful consideration, I continue to recommend that if a student is serious about learning Reiki, it is important that they learn Reiki in person from a qualified teacher.

While it may be possible for some to give distant attunements with some affect, important aspects are being left out. It seems that the physical touch is needed to transmit important metaphysical frequencies when the teacher touches the head, the neck and the hands etc. In addition, many want the physical touch as they intuitively understand that it transmits important psychological as well as physiological energies.

It is also important to realize that without really knowing the person who is to give the attunement, you really have no idea what they are transmitting to you. It may be Reiki, but it could be something else.

Often the issue of money is part of the distant attunement process. Because it takes very little time or effort to give a distant attunement and often a whole group is done at one time, the person offering distant attunements can offer them free or for a reduced price. If the cost of Reiki training is an issue, it is important to realize that often those who teach in person may be willing to barter or to give a scholarship to serious students.

Another reason I do not recommend distant Reiki training is that the teaching, practice and coaching aspects of Reiki are equally important when a person receives Reiki training and this is best done in person. With the teacher present, the student can receive quality training as the teacher can observe the student in practice sessions and recommend improvements as well as give validation. Questions that come up spontaneously during practice can be answered and discussions can lead into areas that would not likely take place without the teacher present. This is an important aspect of the student/teacher relationship that is not very well accomplished through the mail, or through Email or even seeing a video. In addition, it is a well known that over 90% of communication takes place non-verbally through body language and simply being in the presence of the teacher and so a great deal is lost when direct interaction between teacher and student is missing. Because of this, I recommend that people approach distant attunements and training mainly as an experimental or additional process. If one wants quality professional training, then I recommend that one receive training from classes with a teacher physically present who can instruct, guide and attune you in person.

These are general guidelines and in the end I always suggest that a person follow her or his own guidance in deciding the style of training to undertake.

Concerning Karuna Reiki® specifically, because of the quality training that is expected from all those teaching Karuna Reiki® it is required that it be taught with the student physically present. This is explained in the registration form which states that the same attunement process described in the Center Karuna Reiki® manual must be used and this requires that the teacher physically touch the students hands, neck, head, etc. when giving a Karuna Reiki® attunement. We want to maintain high standards for Karuna Reiki® and because of this, ask that the attunements be done with the person physically present.

All those teaching Karuna Reiki® are also required to abide by a code of ethics and minimum teaching standards. This is not an attempt to control Reiki, but simply to maintain a system of standards that people can depend on when they take a Karuna Reiki® training. If a teacher does not want to abide by these standards, they are free to use the same symbols and attunement processes, but will need to give it another name. May you find love, peace and joy in all that you do.