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Jennifer Dale

Reiki Master Teacher

Upcoming Classes
Email: Reikijen24@gmail.com
Web: www.ashevillereikicenter.com
Phone: (828) 299-3207
Facilitating classes in Asheville, NC, OH, GA, FL.

My name is Jennifer Dale and I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in Asheville, North Carolina. I began studying Reiki in 1999 and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2003.

I incorporate my thirteen years of social work experience into my Reiki practice “All Souls Reiki… helping people and animals heal”. I help clients connect their mind and body as they work through life issues and the connection to holding onto physical pain.

I have always been a person who has helped others help themselves from as far back as I can remember. I would listen to people and ask them questions that would help them reflect back into their own life to find answers.

Originally, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1988 with an Elementary teaching degree. After substitute teaching for a year I decided a classroom setting was not for me. I was interested in teaching, but more for the social aspect of helping people help themselves to become more productive in society. I had been a youth counselor in the summers between college sessions so I pursued my career as a social worker and eventually as a juvenile probation officer. I enjoyed the social work field and I incorporated teaching into my career. I taught criminal justice to sixth and eighth grades as a probation officer and taught a stress management class as a component to a court ordered DUI program in a local hospital.

In the fall of 1991 my husband and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina to be closer to nature and the mountains. I continued my career in social work as a social worker for abused children at the local mental health facility and then as an in school suspension coordinator at our county’s alternative school. I was in graduate school in 1995 for guidance counseling when two life changing events took place. I found out I was pregnant with twins, and I viewed a film of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “On Death and Dying”. I knew then, I was called to work with people who were toward the end of their life. I did not know to what capacity, but I knew one day it would happen.

In 1998 I felt the urge to go to massage school. I had a feeling I was going there to learn something spiritual in addition to massage. In January of 1999 I found out what that something was. I had to take Reiki I as a requirement in massage school. I knew nothing about Reiki. After the attunement, I felt lighter and it seemed like I had known Reiki before, somehow. I really took to Reiki and my clients stated they felt my hands heat up and they felt more connected after I massaged them. A few months later I took Reiki II and felt more of the energy as I worked on clients with even quicker healing results. I graduated massage school in May of 1999, and opened up a small private practice out of my home. Clients were reporting my hands going to places that they did not even know were sore. My clients reported feeling peace, warmth and a deep connected joyful feeling after my sessions with them. The Reiki seemed to be working on physical pains as well like plantar fascitis, headaches, tight muscles, injuries, and even a person with stomach tumors. In spring of 2003 I went back to massage school to retake level II because the teacher said new history had come out about Reiki and I should retake the class. During class she instructed me to go on to became a Master level practitioner. In fall of 2003 I became a Reiki Master, and then a teacher, as some of my clients wanted to learn how to do Reiki for themselves. My massage practice became a Reiki practice.

I do Reiki on myself every day and I have learned to incorporate Reiki into every interest in my life. My husband and three children are all level II. I feel our family is close because of the tie it has to the Reiki energy. We use Reiki every day with our six dogs, four horses and growing population of Mini-Rex rabbits. We save a lot of money using Reiki for illnesses and injuries before calling the vet.

My husband and I are very active in the community with the youth. We coach middle school soccer and recreational youth soccer. I use Reiki every day at practice and in games when injuries occur on the field. I have taught eleven youth level II Reiki. As a group, we go to the local animal sanctuary, called Animal Haven during the summer to do Reiki on abused, neglected, and homeless farm animals. It is a beautiful sight to see the connection between the animals and the kids. The youth seem to understand the energy of Reiki so quickly. I also have the privilege to explain Reiki on Career Day, at a public elementary school, each spring. Many of the children remember my previous visits and they enthusiastically tell the other students about Reiki as I am beginning my introduction

In August of 2008, I was able to answer the call to work with people who are at the end of their life. I go to the Solace Center of Hospice weekly and offer Reiki to patients who are in palliative care. It is so spiritually rewarding to be a conduit for Reiki as patients use its energy for pain management and inner peace at such a pivotal time in their life.

I have been truly blessed to have had Reiki come into my life. I feel it is my purpose in life to help people help themselves through the healing energy of Reiki. I invite you to contact me here in Asheville, North Carolina to share Reiki in helping each person become more connected within them selves. The rewards are amazing and unlimited!

In Love and Light…


"Live a Meaningful Life"
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