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Keep Reiki free in
New York State

Your right to practice Reiki and other forms of alternative healing are being jepordized by the New York State Massage Board.  They want to make it manditory that Reiki people and all alternative practitioners in New York State be required to have a massage license to practice in New York state.  This would require that you take thousands of hours of massage training and pay thousands of dollars to a massage school in order to continue practicing Reiki. This would add little to your ability to practice Reiki or other alternative healing practices.  It would also allow massage therapists to practice Reiki and other alternative healing techniques without any training. 

If you would like to oppose this legislation, please print out the petition. Then   fill it out and ask your family members, friends and co-workers etc. etc. (everyone)  to fill it out also. Get as many people as possible!  You must reside in New York state to sign the petition. 

Click here to go to the Petition

Please send the original completed petition to: ( photocopies are not acceptable in Albany) to:

Louisiana Zinn,
Coalition Representative for NYS Coalition of Non-Massage Organizations
60 West 76th Street, Suite 5-I,
New York, New York 10023
telephone: (212) 877-5229,   fax: (212) 875-0086
e-mail address:
Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.

If you have questions please contact Louisiana Zinn at the above address. 
Please do not contact the Center as we have no additional information

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