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Colleen Kempf

Reiki Master Teacher

Colleen is an ICRT, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, and a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master with the International Center for Reiki Training and a Licensed Rainbow Reiki Instructor through the Reiki-Do Institute. Colleen has been practicing Reiki since 1997 and is a teacher of Usui Tibetan Reiki, and Karuna Reiki®. Her practice provides a safe and loving environment for self-growth and healing, bringing balance and harmony into your life. She teaches classes in Kentucky and Indiana.

Colleen incorporates her 30 years of sales experience in her private practice as President of Reiki of Louisville, Inc. Her practice includes Reiki, Healing Touch, acupressure, gemstone therapy, tuning forks and CranioSacral work. Colleen offers individual treatments and teaches all class levels of Reiki.

She hosts a monthly Reiki Share held on the second Wednesday of the month to assist individuals with their personal healing.

Colleen's Story

My name is Colleen Kempf, and I live in New Albany, IN with my husband Mike. My joy is Reiki and helping others heal their body, mind and spirit. My journey as a healer began in 1997 when Reiki found me. I had gone misdiagnosed for six months with a serious illness. I was at a breaking point and willing to try anything.

My friend Dee Patterson suggested that I try a Reiki session. I had read about Reiki, but had never experienced its calming and healing effects. I received my first Reiki session from Kathie Lipinski in August of 1997. Talk about a life changing experience. Kathie's hands were so hot, I was so relaxed, and I felt as though I was floating and healed. Even after a 20 minute drive home following my session my mind was trying to process my experience. Words could not even express my excitement and enthusiasm for Reiki. I kept replaying Kathie’s words that I could learn Reiki and treat myself.

A new way of life had presented itself to me. One week following my surgery, I learned Reiki I & II from Kathie. I became a Reiki practitioner because I wanted to aide in my own healing and recovery. I credit Reiki for my improved health and well-being. It wasn't long before I was sharing Reiki with my family and friends. I studied ART, Reiki Master and Karuana Reiki ® with Kathie. In my first informal Reiki class, I attuned my sister and 3 year old niece. To this day, they both use Reiki and share their gift with others in need. Soon following my first couple of classes and individual Reiki Sessions in my home, I was renting office space and had started my Reiki practice.

Reiki Master Teachers I have studied with in addition to Kathie Lipinski include William Lee Rand and Beth Simmons Stapor. Just like my mentors, my classes welcome students into a safe and loving environment that makes learning Reiki fun and exciting. I am in awe of class dynamics as we share our stories of various backgrounds. It never fails, there is always that common thread that unites us.

My passion for teaching Reiki is contagious. I enjoy working with individuals like you who want to learn Reiki . During our class, we practice using Reiki incorporating techniques to help and guide you in infusing Reiki into your daily life. It is simple, rules free and transforming.

As an International Center for Reiki Training Licensed Teacher, I am proud to stand with professionals of different lineages with the passion and desire to see Reiki promote not only healing but happiness and love. I am still learning, growing and loving the wonders that continue to unfold as the magic of Reiki leads the way.

Reiki's healing energies continue to carry me through wonderful and difficult times. I just trust in the flow of life and enjoy the ride. Not a day goes by that I don't give myself a Reiki treatment. Reiki is a wonderful gift to give to yourself, and it is a wonderful gift to share with others.




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