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September, 2001
William Lee Rand, Editor
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It is my pleasure to send you the September 2001 edition of our Reiki online newsletter. This online newsletter is being sent as an Email, but as soon as you click any of the links in the table of contents, it will open in your browser window making it easier for you to navigate. If this doesn't work, click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your web browser:

Table of Contents

Terror and Love
by William Lee Rand

The act of terror that riveted our attention, shaking the foundations of our souls and awakening us from our unconscious patterns has had the opposite effect from what was intended. It has focused all the spiritual people of the world to act as one. Because such a great number of people have joined together to channel our highest good, like a magnet, this great uplifting of hearts is attracting a quality of Reiki energy and light to the planet that has never been present before. Many new streams of light are flowing to us now, making everyone's Reiki stronger, clearer, brighter and the likelihood of miracles taking place beneath our hands is greater than ever before. As we merge together with the intent of sending Reiki to all those affected by this terrible event, our hearts open more than ever and a deep healing takes place within us allowing a flow of compassion to come pouring forth. Letting go completely, we drift on a sea of love that goes out to heal all the hurts of the world.

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Evidence of Ancient Reiki

These 6000 year old clay figures from the Neolithic Hamangia culture were found in a cemetery in Romaina just south of the Danube delta. They appear to be treating themselves with Reiki. The one on the left is known as the Thinker and has his hands on his face while the one on the right appears to be treating her knee.

  This bowl with the familiar Reiki pattern is part of a collection of artwork currently being produced in the Horezu region of Southern Romania. The pattern has been in use for hundreds of years and is part of the local heritage, yet no one has information about it's meaning.

Thanks goes to Calin Cotrau, Reiki Master from Romania for providing the pictures and information.

Mrs. Takata's Hilo Clinic

by William Lee Rand

Last July I went to Hawaii on vacation and while on the Big Island, revisited Mrs. Takata's Hilo clinic. It is located at 2070 Kilauea Ave. in Hilo and is now occupied by the Kline Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Kline is also an Aikido instructor and includes healing in his practice.

In 1995 Duff Cady, one of our Licensed Teachers researched the location of the clinic. He found one of Mrs. Takata's Reiki ads in a local newspaper, the Tribune Herald dated March 3, 1941. This was before the attack on Pearl Harbor. As you can see it lists her address in Hilo. Duff discovered Mrs. Takata's Reiki sign in the basement of the building, still there after all those years! Note that above and behind the words on the upper left of the sign, you can see the word "Reiki". For some reason, Mrs. Takata must have changed her mind about advertising Reiki and painted the new words over it. The picture on the right is Mrs. Takata taken about the time she purchase the clinic. The picture on the left was taken on my first visit in 1996. The light behind my right shoulder appears to be two spiritual beings. There was no light behind me nor anything to reflect light so it's presence in the picture is a mystery. To read more about the discovery of her clinic please go to:


Treating Stroke

This is an effective Reiki technique for treating anyone who has experienced a stroke. It is also effective for all motor/neurological issues including dyslexia, Parkinson's, MS and more. This technique helps heal and balance energy patterns on all levels.

With the client on their back have them cross the right ankle over the left. Also, have them cross their arms so that the left wrist is crossing the right wrist, the hands are resting on the chest. Treat both sides of the head with Reiki for about 20 minutes and then have them switch - left ankle over right , right wrist over left and treat through the head again. If more than one person is giving Reiki then the other person can place their hands on the places that are crossed and give Reiki. The results are amazing. I have also used this with pulmonary edema when a person could hardly breathe because of the fluids. In 20 minutes the swelling was visibly diminished. (Editors Note: When giving a self treatment, you can also extend the hands up to hold each of the opposite shoulders.) Thanks goes to Mari Hall for this wonderful treatment method.

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Reiki In India

Reiki is very popular in India. When I traveled and taught Reiki there last year and again early this year, I was impressed by the dedication and reverence people have for Reiki. While there, I worked with the most dedicated to start a branch of the Center in Noida, which is just outside Delhi. They teach classes, provide books and teaching supplies and refer teachers and practitioners all over India.

For more information about the India Reiki Center, go to

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Reiki In India
Reiki In An India Prison

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Reiki For The Blind

Our Reiki manuals can be produced in braille. Please contact us at for more information.

New Reiki Articles

Here are Reiki articles that have just been placed on our web site:

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Email to the editor

Dear William,
I very much enjoyed the online Reiki newsletter. It was visually appealing and easy to read. I felt a direct connection with you and it felt good! I continue to use Reiki every day for myself and others. I can't imagine not having Reiki to use. Even people who are not "into that kind of thing" can try it for something, like a meeting or a test at school and see for themselves how Reiki can smooth the way. Thank you for doing this work and continuing to expand your ways of going out into the world. We live in interesting times of great opportunity.
Thank you,
Margaret Dubay Mikus, Ph.D.

Dear Newsletter Staff,
I would just like to say a big thank you to William Lee Rand and all his staff for what you have done to make Reiki more widely known. It fills my heart with tears of joy to receive these newsletters and I can almost hear William's sweet American voice!
When I read the intro, I was thinking the other day how, in your sharing of Reiki you have brought it to new heights of recognition around the globe, and have encouraged other Reiki masters to do their work which in turn has lead them to do the same to people such as myself and so it goes on spreading love and light.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
All my love,
Emma de Mornay Davies xxxxx

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What readers say about "The Look of Love"

In the August edition of the Online Reiki Newsletter, we featured an article about Gyoshi Ho, a technique for sending Reiki with your eyes, taught by Dr. Usui. We received many successful reports about it's use including the ones below. To see them all, click here.

Dear Master Rand:
Thank you very much for the August newsletter I have practiced the new technique Gyoshi-Ho, and it is absolutely fantastic. I just love it. Because English is my second language I'm not too good in writing but thank again and the wisdom and guidance of God will be with you everyday of your life.
Rev. Josie Maria Blair Miami- FLorida

Dear Mr. Rand,
I am a Reiki Master from Vermont. I just tried the Gyoshi Ho method on my husband's sore back. He said he felt energy going up in his brain and then down in his leg - the energy was going up and down his body. He said it was easier to get up out of the chair and it loosened up his back; "It does feel a lot better." Are the eyes a chakra? Jesus healed with his eyes, thoughts, hands, etc. I could feel my eyes in a way I haven't felt before. Perhaps it was concentration yet, I felt the energy, too. It was really "neat" and I enjoyed learning something "new!"
Thank you. Blessings, Michele

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Reiki Stories

The following are Reiki stories sent in after the August Online Reiki Newsletter was sent out. To read all the stories, click here.

Reiki distant healing for surgery

I just wanted to thank everyone who channeled some Reiki healing to me for my surgery. I was so nervous and so worried because I have had multiple surgeries and have had many complications after my surgeries that for this surgery, I was so scared. I put in a healing request on this website and it is hard to explain. The Wednesday before my scheduled surgery on Thursday, July 26 to have a right ulnar nerve transposition, I was really fritzed out and could do nothing. I already am limited because of my injuries and my surgeries, but I was so freaked out. Then all of a sudden, I felt this calming presence all over me and I knew that my surgery was going to be okay. I had put in the healing request on that Monday and it said that it would take a couple of days to start. The actual surgery was very successful and I had no complications and I came out of the surgery fairly easily. I am now starting the long road for therapy and will still need Reiki healing to help me complete and have a successful therapy. Thank you! I can't explain everything because I have never had an experience or did I really believe, but after having so many surgeries and so many complications, I knew that I would have to embrace other sources and other healing possibilities.
With love to all!
Trisch Pristine

Attunement heals color blindness

I was attuned about 3 weeks ago now and I use to be shade blind. I could see colors to an extent, but after the attunement I am able to see all colors and the brightness to them. It was a life changing experience. I am now going to go through with learning more and becoming a practitioner.

Reiki charges battery

I was recently in need of accessing a couple of telephone numbers from my mobile phone but unfortunately its battery was completely dead and my recharger broken. So being aware of the Reiki energy's ability to adapt itself to what is needed I set about using Reiki to recharge this battery by holding it in my hands and after just a couple of minutes I managed to channel enough energy into the battery to allow access to my address book to be gained!
Stephen Morley
Editors Note: This is a commonly reported experience.

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