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Keep Reiki Free in Texas

Two Reiki organizations in Texas are trying to make it a law that only people trained by them can practice Reiki in Texas.

In December of 1998 the Texas Reiki community was given a wake-up call in the guise of the awareness of a bill to be introduced into our legislature upon it's convening January 12, 1999. This bill, numbered HB 367, and entitled "The Reiki Practitioner Registry Act" was written by a Reiki Master from the Houston area named Judy-Carol Stewart (AKA Julia Stewart).

Her organization "Reiki Touch Institute of Holistic Medicine, Inc." claims a close affiliation in the bill with "The Reiki Alliance." The bill limits who may practice and teach Reiki in the state of Texas to an elitist group who must be approved by a board set up by the Texas Department of Health and controlled by Reiki Masters who have been trained exclusively by these two organizations and who, consequently, have spent three years in apprenticeship and paid from $10,000 to $22,000 to these organizations for their training.

The bill sets application, certification and renewal fees to be paid to the State of Texas along with penalties congruent to a Class B misdemeanor for using the name "Reiki" in association with any practice not approved by this board, or being in noncompliance with any other part of this multifaceted proposed regulation.

The bill is being sponsored in the Texas House of Representatives by the Honorable Debra Danburg, a Democrat from the Houston area. You may contact her State Capital office at 512-463-0504, or write her at Room 1N5, Capitol Building, Austin, TX 78701 with your comments regarding this issue. She has requested that Texas residents also contact their district representatives.

If you are interested in helping to kill this legislation and keep government out of our spiritual practice you can see a copy of the bill in full, track it's progression through the legislative process, and find your representative's address at the Texas Legislature Online website,

In addition to contacting the Honorable Debra Danburg, we are asking that you contact the following committee members with your opinions. Keep your letters and calls short, heart centered and to the point and be sure to include your name, address and phone number, otherwise they will be considered anonymous and be trashed.

You may write to any Texas House Representative at:

The Honorable Representative ___________
Texas House of Representatives
PO Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

Committee Members:
Chair: Patricia Gray    512-463-0588
Vice-Chair: Garnet Coleman        512-463-0524
Clerk: Pam Crowley        512-463-0806 Ext. E2118
Jamie    Capelo        512-463-0462
Diane White Delisi        512-463-0630
Bob Glaze            512-463-0580
Harvey Hildebran        512-463-0536
Glen Maxey        512-463-0552
Ruth Jones McClendon        512-463-0708
Carlos Uresti        512-463-0714

If you have additonal questions or information, please contact Lynda Akin, Reiki Master Teacher at The House of Healing, 903-356-5250 and

Please do not contact the Center as we have no additional information.

Other sites of interest and information: - Reiki Articles on HB 367 - News group - Message board - Reiki -Related article in Houston Press 1/14/99

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